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Your kitchen - beautifully manufactured and installed

The kitchen is the welcoming heart of your home and deserves to be one of the centrepieces of your house. Whether you're sharing a quick breakfast with your family, entertaining friends or creating a magnificent banquet, the kitchen has to cater for all your needs so it must be right for you. We are here to help.

The steps of realization of a kitchen

The reassurance of a local expert

To be by your side and inspire you with 3D designs

While your project takes shape, a designer will be working closely with you to create the result which best suits your needs.

On-site planning an measuring up

We take each measurement ourselves: this allows us to assess all the parameters and any possible constraints with the layout, avoiding any problems or other complications when the kitchen is fitted, and especially when it comes into daily use.
You will always be provided with technical plans which will be explained in detail and will show the site of any sockets, hood housing or sink fittings to be added or moved.

Preparing for the work

With a view to preparing the works as smoothly as possible, and if you agree, we can put you in touch with our accredited tradespeople. All the manufacturing is done at our company in France. All the plans and finishes will be presented to you beforehand, which is a key stage of the process: only the documents you have checked and signed will be processed, which ensures that everything will be right first time.

The different stages of conception of a kitchen

Expert installation

Timescales and installation are agreed with you when you sign your approval, taking account of essential requirements in terms of design and to order the various appliances, as well as your own needs. A very precise schedule is drawn up, which can be adjusted as the work progresses.

Granite work surfaces

For these special items, we will coordinate operations and agree schedules directly with the stone mason to give you the quickest possible delivery. We routinely install temporary work surfaces for you, so the hob and the sink can be installed and connected while waiting for your granite work surfaces.

Quality and guarantee

At Cuisines Grandidier, we go above and beyond for our customers. So in addition to any guarantee from the various manufacturers regarding your appliances and other accessories, our after-sales service means that should any problem arise, we will immediately take care of it for you.

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