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Manufacturer of bespoke kitchens since 1956

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Cuisines Grandidier Production Workshop

High quality kitchens manufactured in Lorraine

After our 750 m2 show-room between LEMUD and REMILLY was opened in 2009, the next major stage in our story was the construction of our impressive 1,300 m2 production workshop in 2011. This thoroughly modern workshop is where our hard-working team of ten work tirelessly to ensure the high-quality, precision workmanship associated with Cuisines Grandidier.

Different steps of kitchen manufacturing
The traditional machinery of days gone by has evolved into impressive, digitally-operated machinery which efficiently translate the knowledge of our long-serving staff members.

Skills transfer remains one of our company's essential characteristics.
In acknowledgement, the Moselle Regional Council recognised the company's craftsmanship with the "2011 Craftsmanship Award", for our preservation and communication of skills.

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